Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Since last post time has flown.  Cooper has passed his 7, 8, 9, and closing in on 10 month marker!  I am horrible at remembering every little thing he has learned, but trust me, he is one smart kid.  He impresses us every day.   Major milestones he has achieved since 6 months:
-Standing at 6.5 months.  Yes, I really meant 6.5 months.  and before 7 he could stand himself up from the ground with nothing to hold onto.  We thought he would walk super early, but he was in no hurry. 
-9.5 months he started taking steps
-He climbs on everything!
-He loves any food that isn't breast milk just about
-Changing his diaper is like a wrestling match.
-He baby talks a lot.
-We are pretty sure he says mama. (first word)
-Loves bath time.  Always has, and hopefully always will.
-Is officially worse at sleeping through the night than he was 2 months ago.  More on that later.

Although there are not many milestones Olivia has passed in the last 3 months that I can think of, she continues to bring smiles into our home daily.  She loves her baby brother so much and it is so fun to see the 2 of them starting to actually play together.  Since our big trip to Brazil (more on that in another post) her Portuguese has improved leaps and bounds.  Not to mention, it amazes me how good she is getting at talking. She is a very friendly little girl and wants to play with any other kid she sees having fun. 
Just a little thing she said that made me smile-  I was cleaning up a puzzle that had spilled just under the end of my bed and found a small Minnie Mouse figurine.  I gave it to her and with a smile no her face she told me "you found it, good job Mamai"  It truly is the little things :)

Gosh, I pretty much failed and feel like I am missing so much.  I really need to get better updating and writing down all the little things in life that I love about my babies. 

Good Intentions

Well I always have good intentions to do things.  The last couple months have  not been the best for following through with them.  My goal was to take monthly pictures on Cooper on the same blanket... but I missed one, and then the next, then figured why should I keep going after missing so many.  Kind of same thing with writing here.  Its been a couple months- and very busy ones at that.  So I will do my best to catch up, then go from there.  No promises. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Month

This month has seemed to go by pretty slow as far as months go. 

Happy Birthday to me (March 10th)! We didn't do anything special, just went out to eat at Rodizio Grill on a later date.  Also took advantage of Free IHop and Cold Stone the next week. 

Olivia is getting so good with her Portuguese.  There is many times she will be talking to Amilton about something in Portuguese, then come to me and talk to me about it- but in English.  She impresses us every day and it is so fun!  One of her most recent obsessions is the word "maybe" at the beginning of a lot of her sentences.  She loves bows in her hair every time I finish putting it up.  And it is also so fun to see her react with Cooper more often (although this also includes more frequent times of being mean as well). 

Cooper is now officially half a year old! The big 6 months! Its crazy!  And such a big milestone has also been accompanied by lots of other big milestones for him.  Cooper is now mobile! Not really a crawl, but close.  and this is just in the past couple weeks.  Also in the past week Cooper has started to pull himself up onto things.  Not quite the couch or a table, but short things.  He really has grown so much everyday and his big smiles light up our days.

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg dying at my moms!

For Easter I kind of dropped the ball.  We still did plenty, but not much of an Easter morning.  We decided rather than staying homes by ourselves, we would go up to Idaho with my family to spend it with them (as well as meet my Aunt Mels one month old Lincoln and take Coopers 6 month pictures).

I headed up Friday with the Kids and my Sister Katie.  For the most part the kids did really well and it was an easy drive. 

Saturday afternoon we took pictures (I'll have to include edited ones in a [much] later post). 

Saturday evening I was able to go to my cousin Jessicas bridal shower! We are so excited for her and disappointed we wont be able to attend the wedding.  (It will be just a few days before we head on our big trip to Brazil).  Amilton met up with us there. 

Sunday was a pretty busy day.  We saw lots of family and had lots of fun.  Early Sunday we met up with the Armfield family at a park.  The rain threatened to ruin the event, but we held out and it wasn't too much of a bother, even clearing up at the end.  Olivia loved the playground and playing with her cousins.   We had a little lunch there, along with an Easter Egg hunt and a little Birthday celebration for all the birthdays. 

We headed over to My Aunt Dorenes house later in the day for a Party with The West Family.  Good food and great company where Olivia enjoyed another Easter Egg Hunt with family and a ride on a little four wheeler train. 

On our way our of town we stopped at my Aunt Marcies house where Amilton was able to get a much needed massage from my Uncle Dave. 

That all made for a great Easter day, but a very late one as well.  We didn't head out till about 9pm, which got us home around 2:30am.  (luckily, the kids slept the whole way!) 

Thanks to all the amazing family we have and for the wonderful memories made this weekend!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Meet these two little boys:

Ryan is the son of one of Amiltons good friends, Vini.  Born December 24, 2014.

Little Lincoln, my Aunt Mels little man.  Born March 1,2015.
Why yes, I do hope these two little ones are friends with Cooper in the future!  We love family and good friends!

5 Months and Counting

Just look at this cute little man! He is getting so big and is learning so much. 
Over the last two months he has mastered rolling over both ways, and now he is starting to figure out scooting and rolling to get where he wants to go. 
He likes attention and playing (especially with sisters toys, makes her so mad)! 
We love Coopers sweet little smiles and when he talks to us. 
 He also has the sweetest little thing he does-  Every time he yawns he makes it loud.  He is loud about everything.  From talking to yelling when he is mad. 
He loves big people food, although we don't give him much.  He knows when we are eating and drinking and yells to let us know he would love to share. 
We are currently working on sleeping through the night, a work in progress. 
He is getting so close to sitting up! 
Cooper definitely has his own opinions and lets you know when he doesn't like something, especially when he is in any ones  arms except Mom or Dad.  I love it! Except when I need to get stuff done (thank goodness for his little baby carrier). 
Pacifiers are kind of out of the picture now (except rare occasions).  He has kind of taken to his fingers and sucks his thumb. 
He also got his first "haircut".  We just trimmed his random long hairs on the back of his head that he has had since he was born. 
We love our little Cooper Boy!

And I though time flew when I was little... It goes by in the blink of an eye now! Slow down!

4 Months Down!

Kind of a boring post.  Since I didn't write this on time, now month 4 blurs into month 5.  But here are a few pictures of Coopers 4th month with us! And what a wonderful month it was!