Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Since last post time has flown.  Cooper has passed his 7, 8, 9, and closing in on 10 month marker!  I am horrible at remembering every little thing he has learned, but trust me, he is one smart kid.  He impresses us every day.   Major milestones he has achieved since 6 months:
-Standing at 6.5 months.  Yes, I really meant 6.5 months.  and before 7 he could stand himself up from the ground with nothing to hold onto.  We thought he would walk super early, but he was in no hurry. 
-9.5 months he started taking steps
-He climbs on everything!
-He loves any food that isn't breast milk just about
-Changing his diaper is like a wrestling match.
-He baby talks a lot.
-We are pretty sure he says mama. (first word)
-Loves bath time.  Always has, and hopefully always will.
-Is officially worse at sleeping through the night than he was 2 months ago.  More on that later.

Although there are not many milestones Olivia has passed in the last 3 months that I can think of, she continues to bring smiles into our home daily.  She loves her baby brother so much and it is so fun to see the 2 of them starting to actually play together.  Since our big trip to Brazil (more on that in another post) her Portuguese has improved leaps and bounds.  Not to mention, it amazes me how good she is getting at talking. She is a very friendly little girl and wants to play with any other kid she sees having fun. 
Just a little thing she said that made me smile-  I was cleaning up a puzzle that had spilled just under the end of my bed and found a small Minnie Mouse figurine.  I gave it to her and with a smile no her face she told me "you found it, good job Mamai"  It truly is the little things :)

Gosh, I pretty much failed and feel like I am missing so much.  I really need to get better updating and writing down all the little things in life that I love about my babies. 

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